Understanding Bancassurance

Bank insurance services or also called as bancassurance, refers to the partnership formed between the bank and the insurance company. The agreement allows the insurance company to offer and sell its products and services to the bank’s clients. This type…..

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Sense of Urgency

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Don’t wait too long to decide on acquiring a health insurance. As soon as you are able to purchase one, do so. Illness can attack your household at any time so you…..

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Consider Your Preferred Doctor

You and your family might already be familiar with some doctor and want to continue to avail his or her services even when you have already bought your insurance. This may pose a problem if your doctor isn’t a part…..

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Decide on the Marketplace

Marketplace is a government insurance exchange. This is usually utilized by individuals whose health insurances are not provided by the employer. The best marketplaces you should look into are those that offer affordable care. However, make sure that although you…..

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