Getting to Know the Insurance Agent

Looking for a job in the financial service industry? How about working in the insurancesector? Becoming a life insurance agent does have its appeal. However, just like any other employment position, you should know first what you are getting into. It’s important to get to know the industry you are planning to be part of. Research on potential companies you wish to pursue. Check their competitors. Study the products and services they offer. Brush up on your skillset based on the requirements and qualifications of the position you are applying for. Learn the craft and understand how the industry works. If you feel that you are capable of working as an insurance agent, then here are a few things you need to know.

There are several types of insurance in the market including auto insurance, health insurance, property insurance and other categories. However, the most top selling and money maker of all is the life insurance. This policy helps protect individuals, families, businesses, employers, employees and other parties from potential financial loss due to cause of death.

The Roles and Responsibilities

An insurance agent is responsible for providing the client with all the essential information stated in the policy. It is the agent’s job to advise the clients on what kind of insurance is most suitable for them. The agent provides a detailed proposal or quotation indicating the premium of the policy. This job requires field work. An agent is always on the look-out for potential clients who might be interested to purchase an insurance plan. It can be a mix of new and old customers. Never discard your existing policyholders because you can always sell them your other products or they might even decide to upgrade their current plan. Your clientele can also speak on your behalf and possibly refer you to their family and friends.

Skills and Qualifications

Becoming a successful insurance agent takes a lot of dedication, patience and hard work. Most often than not, agents face more rejections as opposed to getting a positive response form their clients. Welcome to the world of sales. If you feel you are tough enough to accept and endure rejection then it’s a good sign. As long as you have the guts and willpower not to give up, you will have many opportunities and benefits from this profession. Remember, insurance agents have the potential to take home big paychecks.

Most insurance companies do not require their agents to have a formal education or previous background. They provide extensive training programs and seminars for their new and current agents. During these trainings, companies discuss product information, sales strategies and basically train the agents how to sell their insurance policies. Before you become an agent, you need to pass mandatory licensing exams. An agent must be licensed to be able to sell insurance policies.

When it comes to personal skills, you need to have the drive and motivation to become successful in this kind of industry. It takes a lot of courage and determination to survive in sales. When applying for a job, you should be able to show that you have the initiative and resourcefulness to perform the responsibilities of an insurance agent. It is a tough job but the results and benefits are rewarding.

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